Hello everyone,

Am having great fun working on my new blog with my god-daughter Maggie. She is having a lot of imput into this and because she has a social conscience she is well aware of what is happening in the world and the imbalance of the haves and have nots. She is in her early 20’s and wants to do her bit for mankind which is admirable. She doesn’t like writing particularly, but loves her photography, so we have agreed she can be the camera girl and I can put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard. I asked for some photos to put into todays update for you, and I have a real eclectic mix. Firstly, a picture of her dog, then her favourite food, and then some pics from Kenya where she had been on an organised trip.

Here are her pics and a few of mine to enjoy until blast off on March 1st.

Aggie x