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I am very excited as the WI have asked me to give a talk about a subject close to my heart ‘Food Waste’. Individually we cannot save the world BUT we can all make little changes to our lives that will make a massive difference.We are now a nation of ‘ chuck it out mate’ and that to some people literally means chuck anything you don’t want out of the car window rather than take it home and put it in a bin. Not difficult? Re-thinking your shopping list, don’t just go round hurling goods at random into that trolley. Buy the best of what you can afford and if there is any left over, cool it, cover it and refrigerate it and turn into something else.

I have produced a range of  products just for this reason, to add to leftovers to make delicious tasty meals. Everyone is time short, food is expensive Рmy products add flavour to prepare quick and tasty meals. I am showing the WI ladies how to prepare a home cooked curry using left overs and eating it with my Salted Lemon Chutney instead of the ubiquitous Mango Chutney. I will post the recipe after the event. I have downloaded a link about the WI for you to have a dekko at, it makes fascinating reading about the amount of topical issues they are involved with. Forget the Jam and Jerusalem label Рenvironmental and social issues are the name of the game!