Hello everyone,


These little beauties are just beginning to flower. Quite honestly I love them, not as much as my husband, but pretty near! They are a work of art and the colours are amazing. They do love the sun and hate being crowded, a bit like me on the beach, I love the sun and don’t like anyone crowding my space! They are the supermodels of your garden and act accordingly bringing beauty and glamour and dispensing visual wherever they go. One is spoilt for the amount of colours, did  you think iris were just blue? Think again my friends, think again.

Plant them so the rhizome is slightly about the soil level and put them where they will be in full sun, need good drainage and a liberal  watering after planting  www.kelways.co.uk 




Bearded Iris – the ‘IT’ girl of your garden in all her glory



For planting, just keep the rhizome level with the soil