salted_meons salted_oranges salted_orange_magic lemon_sandwich_pickleAldeburgh Food and Drink Festival 2016

Hello everyone,

If you don’t feel strongly about food waste you should, it is one of the worst aspects of consumerism, endless packaging, mostly plastic that is non biodegradable. With a few easy steps one can move away from the 20th century greed and embrace this century with a vow to care for our planet. As we all know banning plastic bags has been a major step forward, wasn’t difficult was it? Just back to your Granny’s day with a good pair of stout shoes and a shopping basket. Instead of endless prepared meals change your shopping habit, put the microwaveable rice back on the shelf and buy a big bag that will be cheaper and last for ages. Boiling rice is not an onerous task, and flavouring it is the fun part. How about Salted Lemons from my 100% Flavourings range and some chopped fresh herbs. Easy peasy, Come and see me tomorrow, will tell you more. Best wishes Aggie