Salted Lemons are the store cupboard have have ingredient. Before you use them rinse them under cold running water and dry on kitchen paper.
Chop as required.

Their uses are never ending try with:-

Hummus thickly slathered over your favourite toast – dotted with a few chopped salted lemons.

Roast chicken – Ring the changes by carefully pushing a few salted lemons under the skin of the bird before you roast it.

Tomato Mozzarella and Basil salad with a smattering of salted lemons and fresh chopped chives

Moroccan tagines always benefit from salted lemons

Mayo – put some of your favourite mayo in a clean bowel add chopped salted lemon to taste with a tablespoon of fresh herbs finely chopped.

French dressing loves salted lemons add a teaspoon to your favourite brand.

Salted Lemon Magic – start your morning with a zing, smear on your favourite toast or bread.

Rice pudding cake.

150g pudding rice
3/4 litre full fat milk flavoured with 1 bay leaf, sprig of thyme and lemon magic
2 tablespoons salted lemon magic
1 tablespoon rum
3 eggs
100g sugar

Heat milk and herbs and cook rice for approx 1/2 an hour till tender. Cool. Mix yolks and rum, whisk eggs till foamy and full, add sugar to egg white using a metal spoon.
Stir yolk mixture into rice, having removed herbs. Fold in meringue mixture firmly. Pour into tin and bake for 35mins at 180C

Salted Lemon Sandwich PickleĀ mixed with plain yoghurt. Any time of day snack.

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Topping for your favourite cheese on toast. Good with goats cheese toastie
Gravy – a tablespoon of Salted Lemon Sandwich Pickle and a glug of red wine, make a real cheffie gravy.
Are you a poached egg and avacado for breakfast kind of person. A spoonful of Salted Lemon Sandwich Pickle on the side works wonders.