Many you I know feel confused by the plethora of cheffy television programmes, magazines brimming with recipes that offer more diets than days in a year to eat them. 

Take shopping for example – Once inside  ‘The Temple of the Supermarket’ all reason goes out of the window, many people  turn from being  sane rational members of the human race, who are capable of making sensible decisions, to a frenzied lunatic, who maybe, has not made a shopping list, so is rushing round those aisles, like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car, with no direction or thought, just blind panic, ‘Must fill the trolley, must get the shopping done’.  I don’t need it now, but I might someday, lets hurl it in the trolly anyway!! Do you recognize that person?

Healthy eating may look rather dull and unexciting to you, but if you understand the facts, you can simply your daily life, making time for other projects  apart from food shopping! Whatever your circumstances, we all have to eat, and we need to make meals a pleasurable experience, and not a battleground, or a depressing place where self denial is on the top of the menu. 

Come and join me in my kitchen this Friday 20th May, and I will give you plenty of ideas.

Enjoy your week