Don’t procrastinate and buy your seeds ‘sometime’, now is the time, otherwise you will be caught out. So many can be started indoors in plugs.

Everyone asks me ‘I don’t know which seeds to buy’? I always answer ‘Buy what you like to eat, and herb wise, start with the simplest, mint, parsley, chives and buy a bay tree in a pot. So you have the start of a mini herb garden. At this time of year sow them indoors on a windowsill, keep watered and then wait for them to sprout. We will go on to the next stage in the next post.

I buy my seeds from Kings Seeds, who are reliable and stock an excellent range. I know for a fact because I have had the pleasure of a tour of the factory!.

IMG_2767 IMG_2763 IMG_2762

New  growth of thyme

New growth of thyme