Globe Artichokes from Aggie Redpath’s Family Kitchen.


Architecturally strikes a pose in the garden










This has been left to flower. Only nature can provide colour as pure as this

I think some people view these plants with typical Brit suspicion, as least they do in rural Suffolk where I live, and still regard them as ‘foreign’!  They are  grown round the mediterranean  basin and eaten with great gusto, I grow them in my garden for two reasons, to eat,  and they are a great statement plant in the garden with their silvery grey arching leaves, quite spooky on a moonlit evening!


Perfect for the pot

Their latin name is Cynara cardunculus.  The Romans and Greeks loved them, so it has been noted, they were a discerning bunch when it came to their stomachs! If growing them is too much of a faff, snap them up if you see them and have a go at cooking them.

Recipe for Artichoke with chopped chive and Salted Lemon.

Take a large saucepan of simmering water and put them in with a few inches of stalk attached and simmer them for 20-25 mins depending on their size, they are ready when a leaf can be pulled out. Pull out individually, dip into a sauce of melted butter,snipped chives and a few chopped salted lemons. Keep going till you get to the middle, take out the hairy top of the choke and eat the cup, its only a few mouthfuls but utterly delicious. Don’t be afraid of them, just have a go!!


Snip off the pointy sharp ends.


Melted butte and salted lemon dip