I am most fortunate to have, apart from my family, a  clutch of beautiful god daughters, 5 to be precise, who I love dearly, each for their individuality, humour and fun. What they feel about me, hasn’t actually been broached, but as they keep in regular contact, and they are always asking for recipes, and domestic advise, I presume they are quite fond of me, they let my nosiness and bossiness go over their heads, and have occasionally deigned to be seen in public with me, so far so good! Maggie and I are in contact regularly, she has left Uni, done a couple of unsatisfactory jobs, decided to train as a teacher.  She is now 22 and leaving home.  Money is tight, and I have mentioned the word budgeting, which she airily dismissed with a wave of her hand. After a little delving I realised like most single girls, she is used to buying what she wants when she wants, but boring things like rent, and utility bills looming are a constant thorn in the side, so more shoes and makeup are beginning to take second place in her life, much to her chagrin. She hasn’t got a clue how to cook, which is not surprising, as her mother has no interest either, both would be happy to live on jam sandwiches for the rest of their lives, so she has emailed me for some advice, she has suggested I move in with her, nice try Maggs!

Each generation has always had to stretch the money elastic to breaking point, nothing new here, so to keep her happy will have to come up with some ideas for the boring stuff, that will include a new lippy as well! She is very up for doing her thing for the planet which is very commendable, and I am very very anti food waste, so between us we will save her some money and do our bit for mankind.

Share our emails to others who might benefit from a bit of domestic knowledge, and naturally tell them if they have any questions, feel free to contact me or Maggie. My email or SM is better as mob reception lousy here.

Enjoy your day.

Love Aggie and Maggie