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Hello to you all,

I feel as if I have been through the wringer, who says teenage years are the worst, I think 20 somethings have their moments as well, no names mentioned of course! I had thought it would all be a bit of a doddle removing my lovely god daughter from her home and into the big bad world outside her comfort zone, but how wrong can  one be. I failed to recognise that this child or I should say, young woman, is so attached to home, mum, the animals etc that it would be a breeze  popping a few suitcases etc into my car, and depositing her in her new abode, God mothers work done, then I could go home, polish my halo, put my feet up and have a well earned glass of wine.

To be honest, it was a nightmare. Nothing was packed properly and there seemed to be a lot of overstuffed carrier bags spewing their contents all over my car, never mind I  thought airily, I’m sure they are pretty strong. 3 miles down the road Maggs remembered she had left her laptop charging, so biting my bottom lip, but apparently doing a lot of tutting, we arrived back where we started, put the wanton laptop safely in the car, and with a lot of ‘Are you SURE your’ve got everything’? from me, we set off back to the new abode. After lugging her belongings up 3 flights of stairs, which seemed higher than Everest, with splitting bags, we finally finished, and much to my chagrin, I realised  it was so late, and I was tired so I took Maggie at face value, when she said ‘Would you like to stay the night’. No probs, I thought I will sleep like a log. Obviously a pizza was called for, and we wound into one  the size of a car tyre, or rather I did, and she picked all the nice bits off it and left the crusts. I decided slim people aren’t slim for no reason, a whopping pizza isn’t high on the agenda. The problem with eating a massive one like this, is that is doesn’t stay hot for that long, and cold pizza really doesn’t do it for me.

Back in her flat, I naturally assumed I would be sleeping on the sofa, except now I realise there wasn’t one. Maggie seemed completely unconcerned and rolled out a futon with great glee. Look! Yes, I lookedat this wafer like fabric with horror as if there is anything I hate and that is sleeping on a futon, why bother, you are sleeping on the floor anyway. I didn’t dare ring my darling husband, because I knew he would find the whole thing hilarious and would say something damning, so sent him a  lying text saying all was fine. When you know you are not going to sleep the night is very long, and unfortunately my mind pinged back to when I was younger than Maggie and gone to a party with friends in London, and stayed the night sleeping on guess what, the floor. Arriving home the next day scratching and wriggling, mum had a look at my back, ‘Flea bites, Aggie, flea bites! There was only one answer for it, ‘Where’s the tequila’? Only problem was I had never drunk it before, what was I supposed to do neck it straight from the bottle, oh well here goes!……………..