Hello to you all,


My best friend Sarah has never been interested in cooking and would quite happily live on take away and ice cream if given the chance. Give her a recipe book which she will accept graciously only to find she has popped it in the ‘present drawer’ and it always finds its way re-cycled and and moved on to a good home, thankfully for me its usually my home, so everyone is a winner. She lives in North Yorkshire, I live in Suffolk, so we do not meet that often, but facetime, and all the standard social media stuff to keep in contact and I can help her get her life sorted out.


Cake from Aggie Redpath’s Family Kitchen decorated with berries


Carrot, Salted Orange Cake decorated with seasonal berries.

Cake I took Sarah from Aggie Redpath’s Family Kitchen



Salted Orange Magic from Aggie Redpath’s Family Kitchen.


Apart from having food issues, Sarah has recently ┬ádivorced her husband and is really down in the doldrums about life in general, she has lost the father of her children, her cosy way of life, and very nice lifestyle and has also lost the plot! As I am her oldest mate, I feel duty bound to help her, to keep it altogether for her children and herself and to have a decent life. If there is food on the table, she feels better about herself, then things will look up. I must admit, she does look pretty awful and poured out her tale of woe. The list was rather long enough though I know she is a bit of a drama queen, I’m very pleased I’m not in her shoes. I feel guilty as I introduced them, bloody glad I didn’t marry him and to crown it all he has moved a younger version of herself into the family home. Aargh!

By the way, she wanted this story to be shared, feels it would help her if there were other people out there in the same boat.

Join me on Friday 27th May from Aggie Redpath’s Family Kitchen and we can continue the recovery of Sarah together!


Best wishes,