Maggie'Christmas mug

Hello from Maggie and Aggie,

As I explained in  the first blog Maggs is moving out of her mum’s home to find fame and fortune on her own, not quite Dick Wittington, the cat is staying at home and she is not going to London, but let’s see what happens to her shall we? I am staying with them for a couple of days to be a shoulder to cry on for both of them. Maggie alternates from being terribly grown up and self assured to being a little girl of 5 again. Sarah, her mum, although gets exasperated by her untidiness, face stuck to her screen and still having to cook for her, she even does her ironing as she says she will burn everything. Honestly, what a pair. Quite frankly, Maggie needs to fly the nest so Sarah can look for another bloke in her life, although she would never admit it, she is frightened of being alone.

At the moment there are 4 overflowing suitcases, which haven’t got a hope in hell of shutting, 5 bags with god’s know’s what in them, and a cardboard box with, as she grandly says ‘Kitchen equipment’. Poking about I find a medium sized saucepan with a loose handle, 3 wooden spoons, a toaster I had given Sarah as I had two, 2  plates, 3 forks, a tin opener, Father Christmas mug, half a bottle of Tequila, some Weetabix  and a juicer with a crack down the side, and sitting on top in true style in her old teddy, with no eyes. I have visions of Teddy being homesick and knocking back the Tequila, and Maggie eating dry weetabix.

I am not going to post any photos of the luggage and Teddy, it will depress you, things can only get better, can’t they?

Notes to self:
Buy milk
Take Sarah and dog home with me for a couple of nights
Buy Maggie a new saucepan

If I can get her to the front door at least that is a start…….

Aggie x