Salted Lemons, Salted Lemon Magic, Salted Orange, Salted Orange Magic

Salted Lemons, Salted Lemon Magic, Salted Orange, Salted Orange Magic


Because I have always cooked, grown food and copious amount of herbs and found pleasure from my garden, my aim is to pass on my extensive knowledge to others, so they can reap the benefits for themselves. Tending a few pots with herbs is not complicated, preparing seasonal food is pretty straightforward. So what is the problem? Many people lack the will to try and have a go, maybe it is all too easy to watch these programmes on TV? What do  you think, are you a do-er or a couch potato?!

However, as a wife and mother I reap most pleasure from seasonal cooking for my family and the challenges that brings. Healthy Eating follows naturally.

Each month brings new culinary delights, and autumn/winter is a time to turn the available produce into chutneys, preserves and pickles to enhance our winter dishes. My salted lemons are the quickest way to zing up vegetables to dizzy heights. To me, family cooking and nurturing one’s family go hand in hand.  I make  puddings every weekend  that put a smile on everyone’s face.
My concern is that family cooking is dying a death, so through lack of  basic teaching. Gone are the days when a child learnt to cook by her mothers side, now we live in a world of celebrity culture where  chefs seek their fame and fortune with displays of their  culinary expertise. Fine, for the initiated, but for the layman, it is near impossible to follow the speed and understand the techniques they are using.  These recipes often require ingredients that are too expensive or difficult to source, so we are left floundering, desperately wanting to familiarise our  families with healthy food but not really knowing where to start…….So Aggie to the rescue!
I have produced a range of ‘ 100% natural ‘Salted Flavourings’ that can be used in multiple ways. ie Salted Orange Magic, eaten on toast, or used as a baste when mixed with soy sauce and french mustard as a glaze for meat and poultry. See my Salted Range below.

 For sale

My uber useful Salted Lemons and Salted Lemon Marmalade as part of a range from Aggie Redpath’s Family Kitchen – can be bought from me at Lavenham Farmers Market on the last Sunday on the month. 10am – 1.30pm or direct from me.